Rear Window Graphics

The rear or side windows of your vehicle are often ignored as an advertising space. We use a micro-perforated vinyl that allows you or your drivers to see out, but keeps others from looking in.

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2zero Car Studio can add rear and side window lettering or graphics to give you a winning advertising look. Let us design a custom look or use one of our many templates. We use high-resolution printers for a clear and clean look, and computerized cutting equipment for a sharp professional finished appearance. Our see-through printable micro-perforated vinyl doesn’t impede visibility inside the vehicle while clearly showing your business message day after day.

2zero Car Studio can add your business name and phone number, business card information, or a custom message on your rear window for a cost-effective message. Contact auto detailing company for more information.

Benefits of Window Graphics:

  • Customizable — provide your business message to the public with custom graphics and logos.
  • Privacy — although you can see out, others can’t see in. You gain privacy while showing effective advertising all day long.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising — spend the money just once and have effective advertising wherever you drive.