Headlight Protection Film

Headlight Protection Film

2 Zero Car Studio Headlight Protection uses a clear film to protect your headlights from flying debris. Headlight protection film is very durable and similar products are even used on aircraft. Our product can withstand heat or cold, and will last for a long time in all weather conditions. Your car’s headlights will receive high-quality protection from our headlight film.

Colored Headlight Film

2 Zero Car Studio can offer tinted headlight film in a variety of colors. Customers should check motor vehicle regulations regarding colored headlights prior to having us install a tinted film. The film is the same thickness as our paint protection films and will do an excellent job protecting your headlights from any road debris.

2 Zero Car Studio’s installers can normally install headlight film in less than an hour. You can also upgrade from clear to colored headlight film if you are having paint protection film installed which includes protection for the headlights.

Headlight Protection Film Protects Your Investment

Headlight protection films are important for today’s acrylic headlights because they are susceptible to scratches, pitting from debris thrown up by other cars, and small cracks that can allow moisture to get inside and fog the lens. Modern headlights are expensive to replace, costing hundreds to even thousands of dollars for a new set. Headlight protection films protect your acrylic headlights and prevent costly replacements.

In addition, our Headlight Protection Film has additives to absorb UV light. This will keep your original headlights from hazing and yellowing due to sun exposure.

Contact 2 Zero Car Studio with any questions about headlight protection films, our other protection products, or to arrange for a price estimate. Your road ahead will be clear with 2 Zero Car Studio headlight protection film.