Auto Detailing

2 Zero Car Studio offers detailing services that will bring your car or truck back to like-new condition!

Detailing Packages


Starting at $35
Hand Wash & Dry
Vacuum Interior Carpet & Mats
Clean Door Jambs
Clean Windows Inside & Out


Starting at $150
Hand Wash & Dry
Vacuum Interior Carpet & Mats
Clean & Vacuum Trunk
Clean & Dress Dash, Vents & Trim
Clean Door Jambs
Clean Windows Inside & Out
Buff & Polish Application
Supreme Paste Wax Application


Starting at $60
Hand Wash & Dry
Vacuum Interior Carpet & Mats
Clean & Dress Dash, Vents & Trim
Clean Door Jambs
Clean Windows Inside & Out
Premium Spray Wax Application


Starting at $300
Hand Wash & Dry
Vacuum Interior Carpet & Mats
Hot Water Extract Carpet & Fabric
Deodorizer / Ozone Treatment
Clean & Vacuum Trunk
Clean & Dress Dash, Vents & Trim
Clean Door Jambs
Clean Windows Inside & Out
Clean & Condition Leather / Fabric Interior
Clean & Dress Engine
Interior Stain Protection
Clay Application
Polish Application
Ultimate Paste Wax Application
Hand Polish & Protect Rims

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Why You Should Use 2 Zero Car Studio

High-quality auto reconditioning done quickly and at an affordable price is our mission statement here at 2 Zero Car Studio. We use quality products, trained technicians, and are the best when it comes to exceptional quality, appearance, and durability.

2 Zero Car Studio guarantees your complete satisfaction with reconditioning repairs or you will not be charged. Service and quality is important to us. If we do the job right, you will come back again and hopefully recommend us to others, so we want to do it correctly the first time and every time for you.

Our restoration techniques are safe and environmentally sensitive when we perform auto reconditioning services. We will always maintain proper containment and disposal of harmful chemicals to prevent any exposures to our employees or customers.

Exterior Detailing with 2 Zero Car Studio Liquid Glass

Our Liquid Glass sealant package is a service which offers additional protection for your vehicle after detailing. Our products result in a brilliant shine and offer long-lasting protection from the sun and environment. When left unprotected, the sun, rain, and environmental pollution will slowly degrade the finish of your vehicle, reducing its value. Liquid Glass creates a permanent high gloss finish with no further maintenance needed. Your vehicle will look like new, and both gain resale value and be protected for many years. Take your vehicle detailing to the next step, and let 2 Zero Car Studio finish the job with Liquid Glass sealant!

Benefits of 2 Zero Car Studio Liquid Glass:
  • Uses advanced polymers to provide maximum protection
  • The product bonds permanently to your vehicle’s paint
  • No waxing needed! Saves you money and time
  • Creates a like-new finish
  • 1 year guarantee; if water stops beading within the first year after application, we will re-treat the vehicle. Contact us for specific details.

Interior Detailing with 2 Zero Car Studio Fabric Shield

Fabric Shield interior sealant package protects your vehicle’s interior surfaces and fabrics. Fabric Shield creates a barrier, so mistakes and spills can be easily removed before the stains become a permanent problem.

Fabric Shield forms a barrier that is waterproof and resistant to soils or stains. The coating creates protects surfaces without altering the feel or color of treated carpet or upholstery. Spills will bead up rather than soaking into the seats or carpets. Cleanup is easy — simply blot with a towel. Any future spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily. You don’t want to use water-based over-the-counter treatments; they will wash away the next time you scrub the seats or carpets. Ours is a long-lasting coating that only needs to be applied once, and will protect your interior for a long period.

Benefits of 2 Zero Car Studio Fabric Shield:
  • Stains won’t occur from spills of liquids you bring into the car
  • A single application provides long-lasting protection
  • Liquids bead up on the fabric instead of soaking in, providing easy cleanup; dirt is easily vacuumed or wiped off
  • Protects your valuable vehicle investment

Interior Detailing with 2 Zero Car Studio Leather Shield

Once you have paid to have your vehicle’s interior detailed, maximize the benefits with Leather Shield. Our Leather Shield treatment maintains the quality of your vehicle’s leather and vinyl upholstery. UV rays and temperature changes can cause color changes, fading, and cracking of leather upholstery and trim. Spills can soak into the leather and cause stains. If you use the wrong products, or don’t routinely treat leather, it leads to premature aging of seats and other interior surfaces. Leather Shield contains UV inhibitors and conditioners to retain a soft and supple texture while keeping aging away. Just one professional application will help keep the leather in good condition and help you maintain your vehicle’s value.

Benefits of 2 Zero Car Studio Leather Shield:
  • We warranty our work against color fading, discoloration, cracking, or drying out
  • Prevents stains from liquids you bring into the car that get spilled
  • A single application is all that is needed
  • Leather keeps its softness and feel

2 Zero Car Studio Uses Highest Quality Products

2 Zero Car Studio auto detailing services feature the highest quality products. Our goal is to make the exterior look new again and return the interior to a clean and restored state. A couple of hours is normally all that is required to complete our auto detailing services. You will enjoy your detailed car, and our products will help your car retain its value longer. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of auto detailing and we use professional equipment and materials to give you the best result.

2 Zero Car Studio Offers More Than Just Detailing Packages

2 Zero Car Studio goes beyond other car detailers by offering specialty services to improve the appearance of your vehicle. We can take our detailing services to a higher level than others to meet your needs. You have the choice to upgrade our existing packages, you can order individual services, or even build your own custom package:

  • Removing odors from the interior cabin
  • Paint swirl and minor scratch removal
  • Eliminating oxidation on the vehicle painted surfaces
  • Getting rid of stains and spots
  • Restoring yellowed or scratched headlights to improve visibility at night
  • Other custom services on request

Give Your Vehicle A Finish That Will Last

2 Zero Car Studio detailing services utilize specially formulated products to protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Today’s cars can have a wide range of automotive finishes, and you need expert help to choose the right products on the different finishes and surfaces to prevent damaging your car. 2 Zero Car Studio provides a no-hassle warranty for all car detailing services, so you will have peace of mind when using our company for your auto detailing. Once your vehicle is professionally detailed, you will find it much easier to perform routine cleaning for some time due to the excellent products and techniques we employ.

2zero Car Studio Offers Speciality Detailing Services – Choose a Package or Individual Upgrades

Paste Wax Applied by Hand

Have slight but unsightly damage to your vehicle? Sometimes a professional hand paste wax will restore the finish without the need for a body shop repair. Let us give you a free estimate to clear up those unsightly blemishes or worn out finish.

Odor and Stain Elimination

We have techniques to remove smoking residue, fire damage, food and drink spills, mold, mildew, urine, and pet waste. Odor removal is done using specialized professional products to give you back a vehicle that will smell good.

Paint Scratch or Swirl Removal

We can remove the scuffs and scratches caused by contact with inattentive drivers who bump your vehicle with their car doors. Other damage can be caused by tree branches, children, or rubbing against the side of your garage doors, just to name a few causes.

Oxidized Paint Restoration

Over time, the sun and environment can cause the paint to fade and oxidize. We have professional methods to remove the oxidation and restore a like-new appearance to your car.

Headlight Restoration

We have the best techniques to remove discoloration and return your headlights to looking like new. Plastic ages and oxidizes over time just like your paint, causing it to cloud or yellow, but it’s easy for 2zero Car Studio to make them look new again.

Interior Spot Removal and Shampoo Services

We use quality shampoos and spot removers to bring the interior back to great condition. We can normally provide your services in a couple of hours, saving you time.

Hard Water or Acid Rain Damage

Hard water and acid rain can leave spots that will affect the clear coat of your vehicle, and can eventually cause damage to the finish. Our restoration services will remove these spots to protect the finish of your car and improve its appearance.

Overspray Removal

If a body shop repair wasn’t done properly, and areas weren’t correctly masked off during painting, overspray can occur. This is paint that ended up where it doesn’t belong. We can remove overspray mistakes that the body shop missed and restore the look of your car.