Our Car Window Tint Options

Look cool and use less fuel when you have your windows tinted at 2 Zero Car Studio. At 2 Zero Car Studio, we can improve the look and comfort of your vehicle with our window tinting services. Window tinting improves your privacy when behind the wheel, and also lets in less bright and hot sunlight. Your drive can feel more comfortable when you utilize our window tinting services at 2 Zero Car Studio.

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We perform the window tinting service by adding an additional layer to your automotive glass. You can choose from our various shades, thicknesses, and even warranties to get the best tint for the best price for your specific desires. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for in window tinting services, our helpful staff can help you make the best decision for your needs.

Chose the quality of your window film to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our economy window film offers good protection at value pricing. The non-reflective interior and exterior look will protect you from UV rays, heat and glare, while also offering clarity and a limited warranty. Or you can choose to upgrade to premium. With premium, you receive a high-quality window film with your choice of custom colors. The premium window film also provides superior heat and glare reduction, in addition to excellent optical clarity. For a step up, you can purchase Supreme window films. These films have a non-reflective and non-fading black tint, with superb heat rejection and advanced UV protection. There are no metal layers with the Supreme window films, so your vehicle electronics and mobile phones will not be affected. Finally, the ultimate window films we can provide you with are the highest quality films available. These films are the latest in film technology, they do not fade or reflect, there’s no interference with your electronic devices, and the heat and UV rejection is the greatest available.

If our window tinting services sound good to you, come pay us a visit at 2 Zero Car Studio. We’re located at 3939 Clark Road in Sarasota, Florida, and can’t wait to work with you.

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