Top 5 Leather Cleaning Tips

2zero Car Studio is expert in auto detailing and using the proper products to avoid damaging the exterior finish or interior upholstery. Owners may be interested in cleaning their vehicles themselves, but with fine leather being used in many cars there are things you need to know if you plan a DIY cleaning.

  • Know your stains. Leather can be cleaned easily if you spilled a drink or ice cream without having to use harsh cleaners. In fact, cleaners can do more harm than good. A mild soap and water mix is often the best thing to clean leather interiors. However, ink from pens, pet stains, and color transfers from clothing may need additional attention.
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  • Always condition the leather after you clean it. Leather will dry out a bit with any kind of cleaning, even soap and water. After cleaning your interior, always use a good leather conditioner to restore moisture and softness to the leather. Use a conditioner with UV blockers to prevent future sun damage, and your leather seats and other surfaces will look good for a long time.
  • Brushes shouldn’t be your first choice for cleaning. Brushes can damage leather surfaces and in most cases aren’t needed to remove a spill or stain. If you do have a stubborn stain and feel you need to use a brush, pick a soft bristle such as horsehair and never choose a metal or hard plastic brush. Most stains can be removed with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Use a detail brush to get in the seams and corners. You will be amazed how much dirt can be trapped in the seams and corners of the seats. Use a fine detail brush or a very soft toothbrush and some light leather cleaner to brush debris from the stitching and seams of the seats.
  • Clean only what is dirty. Over-cleaning the seats when they really don’t need it will lead to eventual drying out of the leather. Spot cleaning a stain, followed by a good conditioner, will keep your seats clean without damaging the leather by over-cleaning. Remember to use the conditioner regularly even if the seats are clean to keep the leather in good condition.

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of cleaning fine leather seats or have a stubborn stain you don’t know how to remove, bring your car to 2zero Car Studio and let our professionals use our quality cleaning products and expertise to bring your leather interior back to a like-new condition. We also can provide a wide range of other detailing services, window tinting, and paint protection films, so call 2zero Car Studio for your next car detailing.

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