What to Know When Hiring a Car Detailer

You often see mobile detail vans coming onsite to businesses to detail vehicles. But what exactly does “detail” mean and is it worth the price to hire someone else? Instead of going out blindly into an auto body detailing shop, calling a mobile detailer, or spending endless amounts of time searching the internet, we have some tips straight from the reputable angieslist.com, so you will know what you need to know when hiring a car detailer.

The first thing to understand is that car detailing is more than just a wash and wax. The concept is to maintain your vehicle by restoring it to its original appearance both inside and out.

The first step in detailing is to vacuum the interior of the vehicle thoroughly. This includes upholstery, mats, carpet and may even require seats be removed. The next step is a complete interior cleaning which includes stain removal from carpets, seats and upholstery. Continued by cleaning the dashboard, car door panels, all vinyl areas and AC vents. Next, is cleaning the rims and wheels as well as treatment of the tire sidewalls. Then the windows get cleaned and treated along with the engine. Of course you have the wash, dry and wax of the exterior as well.

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Why is car detailing so important? When you drive on the roadways, especially highways, debris flies all around. This debris hits your vehicle, causing dents, scratches and chips in the paint. Also, the sun damages your vehicle’s interior as well as exterior over time by fading the paint and/or causing interior surfaces to crack or fade as well. Taking your vehicle to a reputable and experienced car detailer is one sure way to stay on top of these issues and have any major dents, scrapes, or paint issues taken care of. The area can be cleaned, sanded and retreated with matching paint with the result being a vehicle that looks as though you just drove it off the lot.

Hiring a car detailer should not be considered an over-costly expense. Instead, you should consider it an investment or routine maintenance. Hiring a professional car detailer means that the work gets done the correct way the first time. You will be maintaining your resale value or even improving it because your vehicle will show less wear and tear. You get the convenience of dropping off your vehicle and having someone else do the dirty work for you. If leasing, you will have less penalties which equates to less fees when you turn in your lease. You will be able to quickly sell your vehicle because your vehicle will look shiny and new. If your kids spill that milkshake or you spill your morning coffee; you can have the peace of mind that your car detailer can get it out.

Stop searching and have a professional and experienced detailing shop restore your vehicle back to new. 2zero Car Studio provides a no-hassle warranty for all car detailing services, so you will have peace of mind when using us for your auto detailing needs. You will find it much easier to perform routine cleaning for some time due to the excellent products and techniques that we employ. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at (941) 210-5400. 2zero Car Studio: Services done, second to none!

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