What are the Benefits of Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the practice of carefully cleaning, reconditioning and preserving a vehicle’s exterior and interior surfaces. Even if you routinely clean your vehicle, there will be additional benefit from having it detailed. A good detailing is far beyond a car wash.

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When a vehicle is detailed, meticulous care is taken to clean and recondition every available surface. There is no one-size-fits-all process for car detailing; every vehicle is different and should not be treated the same. Fabrics, leather, synthetic upholstery materials, glass, plastic, and rubber all need specific treatments. You want a carefully trained professional to detail your car, or damage could result. This is where 2zero Car Studio excels.

You need to discuss your detailing needs with your professional, because there are many ways to detail, and 2zero Car Studio has a number of different packages depending on your wishes. Regardless of the package used, our professionals will take great care to protect your vehicle’s finish and condition.

It is a misconception that the “clear coat” on a vehicle provides permanent protection. This is not true, and without routine waxing the clear coat will degrade, as well as allow the underlying paint to discolor and oxidize. To protect its exterior, a vehicle should be given a good wax twice per year with a high-quality wax. Interior surfaces also suffer from time, dirt, and effects of the sun. Proper reconditioning products will extend the life of interior upholstery and trim for many years.

A proper detailing job can take several hours, depending on the services you request. 2zero Car Studio will give you an estimate, but please be patient as we want to give your vehicle an exemplary detail job. It’s best if you drop off your vehicle and let us have it for the day, so we can clean, wax, and condition all parts properly.

Detailing is not just for cars — we can detail any vehicle from a motorcycle to a motor home, so contact 2zero Car Studio and let us give you back a vehicle that will look like new.

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