Start the Year Right and Get Your Car Detailed

Every vehicle, no matter its quality, will eventually get a little worn around the edges. Dirt and grime accumulate in crevices and the pristine condition of the car deteriorates to a mediocre feel. This effect can be delayed with regular cleaning, but even the most rigorous routine can’t stave it off forever. For those occasions, only a detailing will do.

sarasota auto detailing

A proper reconditioning should include a combination of quality products and trained personnel, producing a refurbished appearance second only to brand-new. At 2 Zero Car Studio, we employ the latest techniques and materials to achieve best-in-class results while ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our state of the art services includes a variety of techniques and processes. Our Liquid Glass sealant package uses advanced polymers to permanently seal your paint, creating a brilliant finish that is impervious to the harsh effects of sun and rain. While your exterior is guarded by Liquid Glass, your interior can be reinforced with our Fabric Shield interior sealant. A single application to your upholstery, Fabric Shield creates a waterproof coating that repels soils and stains. With Fabric Shield, fluid spills will bead harmlessly and can be cleaned with a simple wipe.

Have a leather interior? Our Leather Shield treatment is formulated specifically to handle fine leather and vinyl upholstery, a single application that guards your surfaces against UV rays and extreme temperatures. No matter the interior, we have you covered.

Protecting and safeguarding your vehicle against standard wear and tear is the surest way to maintain its value and reflect your own pride in your property. By allowing 2 Zero Car Studio to do the heavy-lifting, you can ensure your vehicle is cared for with minimal fuss on your part. If you are interested in additional information regarding our products and services, we invite you to contact us at (941) 210-5400. We are 2 Zero Car Studio and it would be our genuine pleasure to serve you.

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