Tint Removal

Protect Your Ride With The Best Car Protection Film

2 Zero Car Studio can remove old window tinting without damaging your vehicle. Don’t rely on do-it-yourself systems which can damage the vehicle paint or window trim. Single or multiple layer films are no problem for us, and we will make sure your windows are clean and free of old film when we are done. We have the products and skill to do the job right, so don’t attempt this yourself.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Window Tint Removal

Removing old window tint is one job you shouldn’t handle yourself. You might use the wrong chemicals and damage your valuable vehicle. You might slip while removing film and damage the window trim or seals. You can damage the window defrosters or radio antennas installed on many of today’s car windows. The result is an expensive repair job, so let the pros at 2 Zero Car Studio do the job right for you.