Solar Window Tint

Solar Window Tint

Newer vehicles have curved windshields and other glass to improve gas efficiency This results in larger windows which allow more sun and heat to enter the vehicle. The sun can cause a lot of interior damage over time and creates UV radiation which can harm you over time. 2 Zero Car Studio can solve this problem with our Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film which allows visible light to enter the vehicle while blocking 99% of the damaging UV rays. An additional benefit is that solar film reduces heat load in the vehicle by almost half, without having to use dark tints which may not be allowed in your area.

2 zero Car Studio Car Window Tinting Features & Benefits

Blocks UV Radiation

  • Reduces 99% of UV rays
  • Protects your skin and eyes
  • Reduces interior damage
  • Protects the vehicle electronics and instrumentation

Reduces Heat

  • Greatly reduces heat load inside the vehicle
  • Improves gas efficiency by reducing air conditioning load
  • Keeps passengers comfortable
  • Helps reduce glare and reduces fatigue

Increased Safety

  • Window tinting adds an additional safety layer to the window glass
  • Makes the glass more shatter resistant

2 Zero Car Studio solar window tint is a great way to improve the interior comfort level and reduce damage from UV radiation which can harm you. It also adds safety to your vehicle by placing a film barrier on your windows which can reduce injuries if they break. Add our solar tint film today and see the immediate results. Help protect the expensive investment you own with solar window tint from 2 Zero Car Studio.