Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting

Window tinting is a great way to improve the look and comfort of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be cool and comfortable as you drive. Window tinting also provides an additional layer of safety to your automotive glass. It’s a great upgrade for new cars and will add to the resale value if done by professionals using quality materials.

Car Window Tinting – Keeping You Cool

2 Zero Car Studio window tinting puts a permanent barrier between your car interior and the outside environment, primarily the sun. Many new cars use high-grade leather and fabrics in the upholstery and trim, making it critical to keep the sun and high temperatures from prematurely aging the interior of your car. Window tinting not only lowers the temperature in the cabin, it protects all interior surfaces and fabrics. An additional benefit will be improved gas efficiency from your air conditioning having to run less to keep you comfortable. The reduction in damaging UV rays will also protect you, as these rays can contribute to skin cancer, cataracts, and other physical damage to you and your passengers. Window tinting films block up to 99% of cancer-causing rays, and thus provides you a health benefit. Window tinting also reduces glare from other cars, reflective building windows, and other surfaces that can hinder your vision.

Car Window Tinting Prices

Contact your local 2 Zero Car Studio representative to discuss our tinting prices and the various programs and services we offer. You will see an immediate benefit with 2 Zero Car Studio car window tinting.

Car Window Tint Options

2 Zero Car Studio has a wide range of window tinting styles to choose from. You have a variety of shade darkness, thickness, even warranties to choose. Our car window tint colors are available in a number of different colors including red, blue, green, yellow, smoke, bronze, and chrome. Our staff members can help you decide on the right products and colors for your vehicle.

Once you have made your choice, 2 Zero Car Studio’s professionally trained technicians will provide a flawless installation. Our large selection of car window tints and films will never peel, bubble, or discolor. 2zero Car Studio car window tinting brands include Suntek and 2 Zero Car Studio’s own exclusive brand, which provides excellent optical clarity, aesthetics, and high heat protection capabilities. Whatever the vehicle, 2 Zero Car Studio’s window tinting will give you a custom, clear, and long-lasting improvement for your vehicle.

Economy window film

good protection at value pricing
Features and benefits include:
  • A non-reflective interior and exterior look
  • An excellent barrier to UV, heat, and glare
  • Optical clarity offers you a clear view
  • Limited Warranty

Supreme window film

the pinnacle of quality and performance
Features and benefits include:
  • Non-reflective and non-fading black tint
  • Great heat rejection and advanced UV protection
  • No metal layers that can affect vehicle electronics or mobile phones
  • Lifetime Warranty

Premium window film

high quality and added features
Features and benefits include:
  • A choice of custom colors to make your vehicle unique
  • Superior heat and glare reduction
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ultimate window film

The highest quality and protection with the latest technology. Ideal for premium and luxury vehicle applications.
Features and benefits include:
  • The latest in film technology
  • Non-reflective and non-fading
  • Superior heat and UV rejection for the greatest comfort
  • No interference with electronics or mobile phones
  • Lifetime Warranty