Custom Pin-Striping

2zero Car Studio’s custom pinstriping will provide the finishing touch to your vinyl graphics package.

Custom Pin-Striping

2zero Car Studio custom pinstriping will give your vehicle a professional look and enhance any graphics you use. Hand-painted pinstriping takes a lot of experience to get it right, and we can do that with our trained technicians. For many, time is a factor and 2zero Car Studio can make it happen quickly with vinyl pinstriping. You can change the look later if you wish, something that’s harder to do with paint.

2zero Car Studio Pinstriping is not something to be used only on custom cars. If you can drive it, 2zero Car Studio can stripe it. We can give your vehicle any look you desire, from conservative to out of this world. Come into 2zero Car Studio and we can show you an amazing selection of pinstriping options. Our professional designers can help you create a personal look to suit your personality or your existing graphics

2zero Car Studio offers Custom Pinstriping options of thin vinyl tape or custom hand-painting. Vinyl tape is adhered directly to the painted surface in a pattern desired, while painted striping is done by skilled artists with fine brushes and a steady hand.

The goal of pinstriping is to define and enhance the vehicle color with a complementary color that creates an original custom design. We can also pinstripe motorcycles, trucks, boats, and other recreational vehicles.