Windshield Film Protection

Windshield Film Protection

2zero Car Studio windshield protective film is placed over your vehicle’s windshield, protecting it from flying road hazards that can scratch, chip, or crack your windshield. It is an extra layer of protection for you and your passengers from flying debris that can damage or even penetrate your windshield and cause injuries. Protective film places a scratch-resistant coating over your windshield to prevent all the damage which can occur from driving today’s roads. It also increases the safety protection of you and your passengers by adding a layer that will help keep glass from breaking apart in the event of a collision.

Windshield UV Protection

2zero Car Studio Windshield Skin film increases the strength of the windshield, but also reduces UV rays which can degrade the vehicle interior and contribute to skin cancer. Windshield protective film also filters some infrared radiation that heats up your vehicle, allowing it to remain cooler and operate more efficiently.

Windshield Film Visibility

2zero Car Studio windshield film is perfectly clear, reduces glare from lights and other cars at night, and will shed rain and snow better than an uncoated windshield. Our films perform similarly to products like Rain-X that help repel rain and snow, allowing you better visibility in poor driving conditions.

Installation Details

2zero Car Studio windshield films are typically installed in about an hour, using a special thermal process that molds the film perfectly to all curves of the windshield. The adhesive is quite strong and your car can go through automatic car washes with no lifting of the film. The film will stay on your windshield as long as you prefer, but can be removed in the future if desired.

Windshield Film Guarantee

2zero Car Studio windshield film is guaranteed to not to yellow, bubble, peel, or crack, and is also backed by a 5-year warranty.

2zero Car Studio windshield films and other film products will protect your car’s expensive finish, prevent cracks and damage to your windshield, and protect you and your passengers. Don’t wait — come to 2zero Car Studio for a review of our vehicle protection services.