Computer Cut System

Computer-Cut Patterns

2 Zero Car Studio technicians are carefully trained and certified to give you a professional clear film installation; you get a beautiful professional job every time because we use high-quality materials, industry-standard installation techniques, and lots of experience to get the job done right. Here at 2 Zero Car Studio, we take great pride in keeping our customers happy and doing every job right.

2 Zero Car Studio films are warrantied against aging effects of the sun, including cracking, yellowing, or bubbles. These films are used by many car manufacturers and will last for many years with no specific maintenance needed other than periodic washing then rinsing with clear water.

2 Zero Car Studio paint protection film systems use three important components to ensure a professional result:

  • High quality paint protection films
  • Computer-cut patterns to ensure a precise accurate fit
  • Professional installation by trained technicians

Paint Protection Films are an Invisible Barrier to Protect Your Car

Paint protection films are a valuable addition to your car, and you may not have heard about them. Protection films are almost invisible and cover the front areas of your car which are susceptible to damage. They protect your original paint finish from all kinds of damage that can reduce the value of your vehicle; gravel, sand, road debris, bugs, road salt, even minor impacts.

If any damage occurs to the clear film, it can be removed and replaced easily with no damage to the vehicle paint. We have included more details below about how clear protection films work and can save you money.


Paint Protection films can be applied to any vehicle. It normally is placed on parts of the vehicle most prone to damage, including the hood, front or rear bumpers, front panels and fascia, and doors. Installation is done in a few hours, and the vehicle can be driven immediately. It takes up to 30 days for the film to fully cure, so we recommend not using automated car washes during that time and avoid waxing your vehicle.

Appearance and Maintenance

Paint Protection Film has no color, and won’t change the appearance of your original paint. After the film has cured, the vehicle can be washed and waxed normally as you would with any vehicle.

Protection / Functions

The purpose of paint protection films is to create a permanent, yet removable, barrier against damage from debris, parking lot impacts, minor abrasions or scratches, and so on. Any impacts will damage the clear film rather than the paint on your vehicle.

Removal and Replacement

If you feel the paint protection film is too damaged to be effective, or doesn’t look good, 2 Zero Car Studio can replace it easily with new film. Any film damage such as scratches, rub marks, and so on will come off with the old film, and then new clear film will be placed for a new bra look.

If you drive a lot, or have to park in public lots or areas where your vehicle’s finish can be damaged, you need clear protection film installed by 2 Zero Car Studio. Call our detail company today for information on clear paint protection films for your vehicle.