Paint Protection Film Benefits

Protect Your Ride With The Best Car Protection Film

Our Protection Film is the best you will find in car paint protection. This urethane paint protective film is designed to protect against impact damage from every road hazards you can imagine. Gravel, debris, road salt, insects, and even small bumps with objects are no match for this nearly invisible film.

2 Zero Car Studio paint protection film is an invisible protection film that is 8 millimeters thick and can be placed over any painted vehicle part. Our precut patterns are designed to fit any body part of current vehicles on the market. Installation takes just a few hours. Paint protection film takes 30 days to fully cure, but feel free to drive after installation though we recommend that you wait one week to wash the car.

2 Zero Car Studio proudly offers Paint Protection Film. It’s one of the toughest protection films on the market, combining clarity with a strong adhesive.

Paint protection film provides twice the impact resistance versus leading competitors and includes many benefits:

  • Crystal clear and high gloss, this virtually invisible urethane film can take a beating, because it is weather resistant, transparent, and long-lasting
  • Hangs on to the car’s surfaces, but can be removed without residue on fully cured paints
  • Resistant to sun, salt, chemicals, and impacts
  • Maintains the resale value of your vehicle
  • Easy maintenance, no special care needed except to wash it the same as the rest of the vehicle

Contact your 2 Zero Car Studio representative today and let us show you the benefits of clear bras and paint protection films that will keep your vehicle showroom ready for many years and miles to come.