Bumper Reconditioning

2 Zero Car Studio offers bumper reconditioning for seamless color and damage repair.

Bumper Reconditioning

Many bumpers on today’s cars are paint-matched to the exterior color of the car. Over time, damage can occur from dents, rock chips, scratches, and other causes. Replacing a bumper can be expensive, whereas reconditioning the bumper can be cost-efficient and a time saver.

Most bumper damage only occurs to a small part of the bumper, therefore replacing the entire bumper can be expensive and unnecessary. The types of issues that can be good candidates for bumper reconditioning include:

  • Scratches or scuff marks
  • Dents or pushed-in areas
  • Cracks
  • Key marks or vandalism
  • Chips from rocks and debris
  • Imperfect paint matches
  • Paint overspray from other repairs

2 Zero Car Studios will not take shortcuts to get the job done faster, but rather will treat your vehicle with the utmost care. We carefully match the color of your vehicle to our library of paint colors, then perform a restoration that will bring your car’s bumper to a like-new condition.

What are the benefits of bumper restoration?

  • You care for your car and want it to look its best; a damaged bumper is not up to your standards
  • You are returning a vehicle at the end of its lease, and want to avoid expensive lease charges for a bumper defect
  • You plan to sell the car and want it to look its best so you get the most value from it
  • Insurance carriers may be more amenable to a repair rather than a bumper replacement
  • You keep the original bumper which will better match the rest of the vehicle
  • There are less environmental resources used to repair rather than manufacture a new bumper

If you are planning to sell your car, or anytime for that matter, let 2 Zero Car Studio do a careful detailing job along with the bumper repair. This will make your car shine like new — you might change your mind about wanting to sell it!

Contact 2 Zero Car Studio today for information about bumper restoration or any of our vehicle restoration services.