Auto Reconditioning

Paintless Dent Repair

2zero Car Studio offers paint-free dent repair services to restore your car. A body shop can charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix a small dent when the exterior paint isn’t scratched or cracked. We have the expertise and techniques to remove the dent without having to use expensive and environmentally damaging fillers or paints. Our Paint-free Dent Repair technicians have the tools and training to access the panels on your car from the rear, and will gently massage out the dent with no paint or body filler needed to complete the work. It’s a lot less expensive than using traditional fill and paint body repair techniques. It’s also faster, so you will get your car back promptly. The technique we use, called metal sculpting, is relatively new but will improve the looks of any car by removing those small dents and dings, particularly on the car doors. They are unsightly and reduce the value of your car, so let 2zero Car Studio take care of them for you.

Spend a lot less time and money with paint-less dent repair from 2zero Car Studio.

Paint Touch-Up & Chip Repair

2zero Car Studio can remove unsightly chips, scratches, or other paint defects without the need for costly body shop repairs. Our professional technicians use a computerized matching system and the original paint color code of your vehicle to provide you a paint color that will be perfect for fixing rust spots, paint chips, scratches deeper than the clear coat, or any other paint problem that reduces your car’s finish and value. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have your car re-painted when 2zero Car Studio’s professionals can do it faster and cheaper?

We can also provide spray paint blending services for larger areas that need to have the new paint blended into the old paint on your car for a perfect match. Let 2zero Car Studios provide these services and get your car back to you promptly.

Scratch Removal

Scratches are not just unsightly, they can lead to body rust or further deterioration of your car’s paint. 2zero Car Studio uses the best products in the industry to remove scratches, repair clear coat damage, acid rain damage, and other paint defects. Our exterior technicians are trained to handle all kinds of paint issues, and certified to provide you optimum scratch removal services.

We use the latest technology in buffing equipment and scratch removal products to provide you excellent exterior reconditioning. As we recondition your car’s paint, we can assess whether any scratches are too deep for scratch removal procedures, and will suggest our Paint Touch-up services to provide you a “like new” exterior finish. All this can be done quickly without the need for costly and time-consuming body shop services.

Spray Paint Blending

2zero Car Studio can provide you spray paint blending services for larger areas needing repair. Large scrapes, damaged paint areas, sun damage, or other causes can result in larger areas of paint needing repair that won’t look right with touch-up. 2zero Car Studio’s paint blending service results in a virtually invisible repair that matches your original paint. We have the technology to accurately determine your car’s paint color and manufacturer paint code, then we blend our formulated paint into the damaged area to create a like-new paint surface. We can apply our paint blending technology to most surfaces, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic used on bumpers

Along with paint matching and professional paint finishing to bring out the best in your car, 2zero Car Studio can also perform minor body dent or damage repair, keeping your car out of an expensive body shop. If you have any damaged or dented body panels, talk to us at 2zero Car Studio about paint blending and body repair services.

Bumper Repair

If you have had a damaged bumper, have you checked into the cost of replacing it? They are expensive, and can run several hundred dollars or even more for specialty bumpers. 2zero Car Studio can repair your damaged bumper without having to replace it. Our exterior auto reconditioning services include fixing bumper scratches, rips, cracks, and even holes. When we are finished, your bumper will be smooth and shiny, with any repairs virtually undetectable.

We utilize state-of-the-art exterior reconditioning processes and products to give your damaged bumpers a new life. You avoid the cost of a new bumper, and the inconvenience of having your car sit at a body shop waiting for parts. Come see us at 2zero Car Studio the next time you have bumper damage and don’t want to pay for a replacement.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, plastic headlight lenses can become yellowed or cloudy due to ultraviolet damage from the sun and the effects of weather and acid rain. Many cars today use single headlight modules with sealed lenses which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. You don’t want to ignore lens damage, since cloudy or discolored lenses reduce your visibility at night and the ability for other drivers to see you. Let 2zero Car Studio restore and recondition your headlight lenses and provide new UV protection to your lenses. You get to keep the original equipment on your car, and you will benefit from improved resale value and better visibility. Most headlight restoration services can be performed in less than an hour, and the cost is much less than having to replace the headlight assembly. Don’t live with yellow or cloudy headlights, come to 2zero Car Studio today.

Windshield Repair

Do you have cracks in your windshield which reduce your visibility and are slowly spreading? You need 2zero Car Studio’s windshield repair service. Our exterior auto reconditioning technicians employ modern techniques to return your windshield to its former clarity and full visibility. Our service is faster and cheaper than replacing your windshield, the structural integrity of your windshield will be restored, and the crack won’t spread or further weaken the windshield. Don’t let a cracked windshield become a safety hazard or reduce the value of your car, come to 2zero Car Studio and let us give you a clear view ahead.

Wheel Repair

If your expensive wheels have been cosmetically damaged by scratches, poor tire change procedures, or other damage, come to 2zero Car Studio for our professional wheel repair service. We can restore the original look and shine of your expensive wheels and you will spend a lot less than you would replacing your wheels.

Our wheel reconditioning service can remove dings, dents, chips, and scratches that reduce the look and value of your car. You paid a lot for those wheels and want to keep them, so don’t let a few scratches or other cosmetic defects keep you from enjoying them. Come to 2zero Car Studio for a wheel repair estimate.

Leather Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot for leather seats in your car, and then having them damaged or looking worn. 2zero Car Studio’s leather repair and restoration services can get them looking like new again. We use top quality products and techniques to restore dry, faded, creased, or worn leather to bring it back to a quality you will make you proud of your car again.

2zero Car Studio’s leather repair services are very cost effective, and most repairs or reconditioning can be finished in just a few hours. Don’t look for new seats, come to 2zero Car Studio for a professional leather repair.

Vinyl Repair

Good vinyl seats can last for many years, but over time wear and tear can take its toll. 2zero Car Studio employs the latest technology to repair and restore vinyl seating to its former glory. We work carefully to match the original color and texture to provide you a professional restoration. If your vinyl seats are worn, torn, cut, or has holes, come to 2zero Car Studio and let’s get them back to the quality you deserve.

Headliner Replacement

Over time, your car’s headliner can fade, get soiled, or even start to come loose from the backing. Why live with a bad headliner when you can come to 2zero Car Studio for a headliner replacement? We can match surface patterns and original colors to give you a headliner that looks like the original. Getting a new factory headliner is expensive, and not needed when you can get a headliner from 2zero Car Studio. Give us a few hours and we will give you a great new headliner here at 2zero Car Studio.

Plastic Repair

Today’s cars are full of plastics, from dashboards and interior trim to steering wheels and gear shifts. Over time the plastics in your car can fade or get chips and scratches. Buying new interior plastics for your car is not cost effective, but come to 2zero Car Studio and we can restore your interior plastics to their original look and feel. Our interior car restoration services will match the original plastic surfaces and restore them with virtually no visible repairs. Keep your car looking like new with 2zero Car Studio interior car restoration services and our plastics repair program.

Carpet Repair & Dying

2zero Car Studio’s carpet repair service uses the latest techniques to repair stains, burns, cuts, or tears in your car’s carpets. Why live with damaged carpet in your car? Come to 2zero Car Studio and we will quickly repair the carpet and make it look new again.

If your car’s carpet has suffered a stain or fading that a normal carpet shampoo can’t remove, consider 2zero Car Studio’s carpet dyeing services. We can perform a color change to hide unsightly stains or blemishes, using professional materials and techniques to give you a new carpet look quickly and for less than the cost of new carpet. So don’t be dying for new carpet, when 2zero Car Studio can dye it like new!