Additional Services

Additional Services

Custom Wheels and Tires From 2zero Car Studio

2zero Car Studio can provide you custom tire and wheel services. Custom wheels, specialty tires, or a wheel size upgrade; tell us what you need and we can make the arrangements for you. We will connect you to our tire and wheel experts who can help you with wheel fitting, colors, wheel finish, and an amazing range of styles. Our tire and wheel experts have the right equipment to get your custom work done professionally and without damage to your new wheels or your vehicle. You can trust 2zero Car Studio to help you get it done right.


The list of accessories 2zero Car Studio can get for your vehicle is only limited by your imagination. If you can add it to your car or truck, we can arrange to get it and install it for you. Lighting, covers, running boards, roof racks, deflectors, specialty gauges or horns, custom dash kits, the list goes on and on. If you are looking to take your vehicle up a notch, but don’t have time to search out accessories and install them, let 2zero Car Studio do the legwork for you.

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