3MTM Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series

What is 3MTM Automotive Crystalline Film?

What is 3MTM Automotive Crystalline Film? This amazing product is clear yet rejects more heat than many tinted films while leaving the car’s appearance unchanged. It not only works, it won’t change the look of your car to the same extent as very dark films. The film rejects 60 percent of solar energy and up to 97 percent of infrared light frequencies that create heat inside your car. The advantages are:

  • A very light tint that won’t change the appearance of your car.
  • Enhances visibility by remaining clear and not using an overly dark tint that impacts your vision.
  • You can see clearly in all weather conditions by avoiding dark tinted films.
  • The film does not contain metal fragments that can interfere with mobile phones or other devices such as GPS units or satellite radio receivers.


  • 3MTM Automotive Crystalline Film is clear, providing good protection without affecting the look of the vehicle.
  • Rejects up to 60 percent of solar energy and 97 percent of heat-producing infrared energy.
  • Allow more light to enter the vehicle while keeping it cooler.
  • Crystalline film does not contain metal that can interfere with electronic devices.
  • Blocks nearly all ultraviolet light creating a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000. No sunscreen can do that!
  • 3MTM Automotive Crystalline Films are sold and installed by our authorized dealers. They have a limited lifetime warranty and are virtually maintenance-free and durable.

How do 3MTM Automotive Crystalline Films work? They use a multi-layer nano-technology resulting in a film having over 200 layers yet remaining thinner than a piece of paper. This results in thin films that don’t have to be very dark to provide excellent protection from the sun’s visible and invisible rays.


The films come in a range from CR90 which is virtually clear to CR20 which has a medium gray tint. The CR20 film provides the greatest total solar heat rejection, which is the amount of solar energy prevented from entering the vehicle.

Since their first solar film patent in 1966, 3MTM has continued to innovate sun protection films leading to the creation of Automotive Crystalline Films. Our innovation means better solar energy protection for your vehicle, enhancing its appearance while keeping you comfortable and protecting the interior.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

3MTM Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series is sold and installed by 2Zero Car Studio as an authorized dealer and installer. For more information on the limited warranty, click on Learn More below.

In summary, when you are ready for the ultimate in solar protection films for your vehicle, come to 2Zero Car Studio and ask for 3MTM Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series. Our professional technicians will treat your car with respect and give you a durable, virtually maintenance-free solar protection film.

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