Shedding Light on These Window Tinting Myths

There are a lot of myths and legends out there about window tinting and what it can or cannot do. Like any technology, window tinting continues to improve, and 2zero Car Studio works hard to stay on top of industry technologies and trends. Let’s review and debunk some of the myths of window tinting!

Darker tints are better at keeping out heat — This myth has been around probably from the days when tint color was the only option a customer had when tinting windows. Darker tints do not make much difference in heat rejection; they primarily reduce glare and add some privacy. There are clear ceramic window treatments which are much more effective in keeping out heat, so you need to decide what is the primary benefit you want from window tinting.

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All tinting is the same, so why spend a lot — Like any industry, there is a wide range of tinting products and technologies out there, from DIY to professionally installed. Some folks think they can take their car to a tint shop and not have to spend more than a DIY film. Well, they will be disappointed because a good pro shop will use a much higher-quality film and install it correctly, resulting in a higher cost, but an installation that will last the life of the vehicle.

Don’t waste your money on tinting, it will fade and bubble up anyway — When you see a car going down the road with bubbled tinting, you are typically looking at a DIY job. Professionally applied high-quality tinting films should last the life of the vehicle without changing color or bubbling away from the window surface.

Window tinting will make my car too dark inside — 2zero Car Studio will only install tinted films that meet Florida guidelines for tint darkness, but all tints let light through to the inside of the vehicle. If you are worried more about UV protection than a dark tint, there are products that are virtually clear but will do an excellent job in keeping UV out of your car. Tell us what your needs are, and we can show you options for the best window films.

Window films will keep my windows from breaking — A window film cannot prevent window breakage, but it will help to keep the broken glass from scattering around the car if the film remains intact. It’s a myth that your windows can’t be broken if there is window film on them.

2zero Car Studio has great window film products and professionally-trained associates to give you a great installation every time. We can show you a wide range of products to meet your needs. Don’t forget that we also can provide invisible paint protection films, car detailing, restoration services, vinyl graphics, vehicle wraps, and custom tires and wheels!

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