Is Your Car Prepped for Spring?

Although winter is still firmly in place in many parts of the country, here in Florida spring is underway despite a few days of chilly weather now and then. Many of our residents are seasonal and come from the frozen north, so some of the spring readiness tips below will apply if their cars have been up north during winter months. Here are some things you should do to keep your Sarasota auto in tip-top condition as spring turns into summer.

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Remove salt residue from the underside of the car — If your car has been up north where salt is used on the roads, you need to remove it promptly once the car is back at your southern home. Use a water hose at maximum pressure to clean off salt and debris under the car, or find a local car wash which performs underbody spray rinses. Best bet is to do both, with the intent of not leaving salt on the body or suspension parts where it can accelerate corrosion.

Check your tires — As the weather gets warmer, tire pressures will begin to rise. A rule of thumb is tire pressures change 1-2 psi for every 10 degrees of temperature change. Just as you should have added air to your tires last fall as the temperatures dropped, you will also want to remove some pressure as the season gets warmer. It’s also a good time to do a tire inspection for damage or wear which has occurred over the winter.

Check your wiper blades and windows — Your wiper blades work hard all winter to remove salt and grime, and many cities now use abrasive sand as well as salt. These can cause wear on your blades, and it’s a good time to put a new set of wiper blades on your car. Also, check your windshield, headlight covers, and other glass or plastics for damage that might have occurred from sand or gravel impacts.

Perform scheduled maintenance — Check and replace the air filter, inspect and flush the cooling system, change the oil, inspect and test the battery, and perform other maintenance items specified by your car’s manufacturer. Your owner’s manual shows a maintenance schedule based on mileage or time, so follow it or take it to your preferred mechanic.

Clean the car inside and out — Now is a good time to clean the vehicle both inside and outside to remove winter dirt and grime. A good wax treatment can also prevent sun damage as summer begins.

The cleaning and detailing items above can easily be completed by bringing your car to 2zero Car Studio. We will treat your car with professional cleaners and waxes by our trained technicians who treat your car as the expensive treasure it is. We will also be happy to discuss our other services including invisible bras, window tinting, custom wraps and vinyl, and custom accessories. Leave the tough cleaning jobs to 2zero Car Studio, and enjoy spring and summer in a perfectly detailed car!

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