Protect Your Paint Job!

There are many reasons to ensure that your car’s finish looks in its best condition, as good as new. The first reason would be aesthetic; you want that your car looks as good as new and thus protects your image. Nobody wants to be seen driving around town in a shabby looking car. Also, good finish ensures more resale value if you are planning to sell the car. There are many threats to your car’s paint job, and you need to be careful about them.

Lakewood Ranch Paint Protection Film

Plant sap can stick on the car surface whether you drive through a bushy growth, or park your car under a tree. If your car has a wax coat, then removing plant sap is relatively easy. You have to use a plant sap remover from a car accessories store to remove the plant sap. Once you have removed the sap, wash the surface clean and apply a coat of wax to the surface again.

Your car runs on gas, and there are plenty of ways for the gasoline to leave its mark on the car. It is a good idea not to fill your tank to the brim, to protect against spillovers. Also, if gasoline drops on the car body, wipe it offer immediately. Gasoline can lead to corrosion of car parts.

Another threat is dust. Road dust is something you cannot avoid. Thanks to dust and micro particles caused by pollution, your car has to battle some tough on road conditions. These particles can cause tiny scratches to the car’s surface, especially in combination with high winds. To prevent your car paint from being damaged by dust, ensure that you wash your car as frequently as needed.

Bug splatter is also damaging for cars. Bugs that splatter on the car leave behind an acidic residue. This can be corrosive, and if there are too many bug splatters on the car, your car looks untidy and also, the paint job is damaged. There are special solutions for removing the bug splatter from the car surface. Similarly, bird droppings too happen to be acidic this can corrode the car body. Removing bird droppings with a wet paper napkin as soon as possible is recommended before the dropping dries on the car surface.

When washing your car, you have to ensure that the dirt and grime are cleaned with a soft cloth so as not to damage the paint. You would want to take the car to professional car cleaners, like 2zero Car Studio, that use soft brushes and cloth for cleaning the car, which ensures that the paint is not scratched. High-pressure sprays of water can also clean cars more easily and safely.

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