How to Inspect Your Paint for Damage

Persisting damage to your car paint can lead to more damage and also, it is too expensive to get the paint job done for covering the damage. Before you start applying wax to your car, you would want to check for damage to the car paint. Here are some ways to check your car paint for defects.

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Look For Rough Surface

There are rough surfaces on your car that you would want to check for, to see if the car paint has been damaged. Rough feel on your car means that external materials have chemically reacted with the paint and adhere to the surface strongly. Washing your car cannot ensure removal of these materials. The common causes of damage include pollution, minerals, moisture, and plant sap and so on. Your car is exposed to these substances on almost a daily basis. If not maintained properly, the paint can get damaged and therefore, you need to check for damage of this type before your car paint can be repaired.

Dull Paint

If the paint looks dull, this means that the paint job needs to be redone. However, a dull surface means that pollutants and other materials have destroyed the paint job. If you don’t repair the damage before repainting, the underlying damage will keep creating recurrent problems. Usually, a damaged paint job can lead to uneven finish, corrosion, and moisture seeping in through the car surface.

Use Strong Light

Ordinarily, you cannot see defects in your car surface unless your car is placed under a powerful light source. Sunlight is usually the best as it is strong enough on sunny days and is plentifully and easily available. You can also check for defects on the painted surface by using a powerful lamp. The lamp must be powerful enough to allow you to spot all problems on the car surface.

Scratches and Dents

If you are trying to identify problems with the paint by sight only, you can check for dents and scratches on the surface which show up under strong sunlight. The dents and scratches are not visible under normal lighting, but they can be seen when you use a strong light source. While your car appears perfectly normal on the surface, you would be shocked at the amount of dents and scratches on it when you examine it properly.

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