Does Auto Detailing Increase the Value of Your Car?

Want to know the secret to significantly increasing the value of your car at resale? It’s simple: auto detailing! Few things make your vehicle more unattractive to buyers than the lack of proper maintenance and detailing. Today, Americans are keeping their vehicles longer than ever before selling or trading in – 5 to 6 years on average. More time spent on the road means more time that your vehicle is exposed to wear and tear such as dings, scratches, rust, and UV damage. The good news? Regular detailing can keep your car looking new much longer and help to increase its value.

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So, what single factor plays the largest role in damage to your vehicle over the years? Why, the sun’s UV rays of course. Although automotive exterior paint contains UV inhibitors designed to protect against the environment, most of these inhibitors fail within 5 years. As these inhibitors begin to be used up, the paint surfaces become cloudy and oxidized. What can you do about it? Detailing your vehicle with a wax sealant or coating works wonders to protect your paint job. While wax sealants and coatings act as a physical barrier between your vehicle and the sun’s harmful rays, they also contain additional UV inhibitors that extend the life of your paint and provide an attractive glossy sheen.

Just how much difference does detailing really make in the resale value of your vehicle? According to recent estimates, the difference between the value of a rough trade-in (poor condition) and a clean retail trade-in (excellent condition) can be as much as $5,000 to $10,000 or more! Most people tend to focus more on what’s under the hood than on the physical and cosmetic appearance of their vehicles. The truth is, however, that achieving a high vehicle resale value requires a combination of both of these key factors. Think about it: wouldn’t you rather buy a clean and shiny used car rather than a dirty, scuffed-up one?

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